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My Story:

Bookkeeper by Trade was born approximately three weeks after my son.  Doesn’t everyone start a business on maternity leave? 

My plan was to work part-time as an office coordinator and spend the rest of the time “at home”.  Three weeks was about as long as I could take it. 

Three weeks in I decided this life where I am home with the baby and my husband is at his retail job for 10-12 hours a day, was not for me.

I already had several years of experience working as a bookkeeper for a local construction company so I thought why not spend this “downtime” building something BIG. And boy am I glad I did!!! 

In under three years, I grew from 1 client to double-digit clients, from under $25k income to over $100k, from my husband working 10-hour DAYS to 10-hour WEEKS.


While I started my business to be in control of my own schedule and build a life my husband and I dreamed of, I have keep my business going because of the passion I have in seeing other businesses flourish and grow,  in showing people that the money part of their business does not need to be hard and that financial clarity is absolutely possible.  


About Me:

Hi, I’m Sarah! I am a small business bookkeeping specialist and QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor. 

I can’t say I set out to become a bookkeeper (can anyone?) but as I worked my way through the mortgage, insurance and real estate industries, I always found herself happiest getting into the nitty-gritty of numbers.  

After years and years of working for other small businesses I took a leap and combined my entrepreneurial spirit, love of numbers and lifelong appreciation for small business to start Bookkeeper by Trade. 

I take a special no-judgment approach to bookkeeping working with clients to not only make sure their books are in order but also that their financial mindset is in the right place. 

You can't know where you are going financially without knowing where you are coming from and I am here to help you discover both. 

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